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The management of yachts is broadly separated into the following categories:

Yacht Operations Click
which is the shore-based support for the skipper in managing the day-to-day operation of the yacht.

The skipper, of course, has an undelegable responsibility for the safety of the yacht and all on board. It is not unreasonable for the skipper to expect - and get - total support from any shore-based agent or manager so as to back up the skipper's authority and enable him to shoulder the responsibility.

Charter Management  Click
which is acting as Central Agent for the charter of the yacht.

This is a marketing job, and entails continuous and close co-operation with other Charter Agents World-wide. As long ago as 1988 our brokers organised the first Charter Yacht Show in Antibes - click here to see the pictures
- and our staff's regular attendance at yacht shows in Europe, USA and the Caribbean ensure that our valuable working relations (& friendships) with other Charter Agents is maintained.

  Commercial Yacht Certification Click
Click to see full details of our Commercial Certification services, and articles about the rules which applywhich is the co-ordination of the initial Application for Certification, and the technical back-up and purchasing advantages which an established company staffed with long-serving yachtsmen can provide. Our Commercial Yacht Certification team have been directly involved with the implementation of the UK MCA Codes of Practice since their inception in 1993.  Our aim - to maximise safety at minimum cost to owners.

Yacht Caretaking Service Click
which is looking after your yacht, usually over the Winter, in the case that only seasonal crew are employed. Security - washing - organisation of maintenance.

One principal is the backbone of the business - and that is that the owner pays a fee for the yacht to be managed (in any or all of the above ways) and he then expects, and is entitled to receive, a professional service rendered by a team of industry specialists - and all disbursements charged to the account at actual cost price. That is what we do.


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