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In 1988 our brokers organised the 1st Antibes Charter Yacht Show. Port Vauban and the International Yacht Club d'Antibes kindly arranged things so that the main quay in the IYCA was available for the day, and the Yacht Captains invited Charter Agents to attend.

Luncheon was provided on board the yachts, and a brass band played during the interlude. The day was a great success, and the French TF3 TV news crew joined in the fun and ran some amusing footage of the band parading.

Yacht Shows - like the 1st Antibes Charter Yacht Show and the subsequent International Yacht Charter Meetings at San Remo and later Genoa - and those in Monaco, Florida, Antigua & St. Maarten in the Caribbean, and now the new Antibes Yacht Show - give Charter Agents and Yacht Brokers the time to network and these shows are often the only time the Agents actually meet the crew of the yachts and other agents.

The internet is probably the most valuable tool that has been applied to marketing, and its wide use in the yachting business - especially for yacht charter - is certainly a step forward although it is no substitute for personal inspection of the different yachts and face-to-face meetings with owners, crew and charterers. Our brokers are fortunate now not to be office bound, and to spend their time actually on and about the yachts, where they meet just about everyone who is anybody in yachting.

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